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You know what they say about a Sunday well spent... it brings a week of headaches when you're 31 and there are cocktails involved!

It's been a long time since I've had the luxury of a Sunday night out with friends but what's rare is indeed beautiful and what a lovely evening we had last Bank Holiday Weekend in Malahide.

After a week of feeling horrendously under the weather (we'll blame the shorter days), I finally mustered up the energy to pick myself up and enjoy an evening of fine cuisine and even better company and I loved it so much I'm here to tell the tale.

Our dining spot of choice was Siam Thai which already boasts a pretty good reputation but I'm a firm believer in making up my own mind and well... I wasn't disappointed!

We managed to nab a last minute booking for a table for four and despite the 90-minute time limit to chow down our meal (shortened by last second decisions to ditch a previous plan to go to a drive-in movie and stay 'out out' after dinner, making us late!), we had a wonderful time.

The place was buzzing and I couldn't see an empty table in the whole place, however, the service was still top notch and super speedy - they even offered to move us to a reserved table in the restaurant's reputable Candlelight bar.

On the menu for me were duck spring rolls for starters followed by a red vegetable and tofu curry for mains. The springs rolls were divine and the curry on the spicy side, but honestly, that's less of a complaint and more of an observation on my weak palette!

We skipped dessert - we were stuffed - but just as well as the cocktail menu that awaited was equally as good if not better. A useless bunch at making decisions, we asked the barman for the most 'presentable drinks' and what arrived was a bathtub of elderflower gin - rubber ducky included, a flower pot presented in it's own fenced garden holding a vodka based cocktail and another gin based drink with strawberry caviar (jelly-like capsules that burst in your mouth).

Gimmicky? Um, yeah! But we sure had a fun time enjoying them!

The meal for four plus drinks came for just over €210 but for a delicious feed with an abundance of drinks, that was more than satisfactory and honestly, very decent.

We will be back.

Diana x

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