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Beauty Buzz: My Can't-Live-Without's

Beauty lovers, assemble!

If like me you're a girl on a mission to procure the perfect makeup bag components/super nosy/ love a good poke around other people's vanity drawers, you've come to the right place. After years of trial and error, falling victim to false advertising and throwing money down the drain, I seem to have finally found a few products that never let me down. We're talking true love here- a solid, fiercely dedicated relationship. Here are my top 5 can't-live-without items.

1. Benefit Ka-Brow Eyebrow Gel, €26, Benefit counters nationwide

Although a new find, I vow to stock up on this little gem as long as Benefit keep making it. As a girl with fine, light hair, my natural brow game is less Cara and more... "EYEBROWS? What eyebrows?" (think Lil Kim around that time she bleached them- they're definitely there, but you need a magnifying glass to see them). For all lovers of a good strong brow who lack the patience (and skill) for perfectly painted arches, I promise you'll be grateful for this tip off. The cream-gel formula makes it super easy to apply, allowing for plenty of time to craft your perfect shape. I mean there's nothing worse than a formula that dries too quickly, right? Trust me, Benefit have got it spot on this time. With 6 shades to choose from, there's a colour match to suit most tastes and with the promise of 24 hours staying power, those bushy babies are going nowhere quickly. The product itself includes a wee brush which I've grown to enjoy working with - the trick is to clean it after each use to keep it from clogging and becoming cakey- but you might choose to work with your own. At €26, I think it's a steal- you'll be using it every day and it lasts absolutely ages #LOVE

(p.s My first date with my boyfriend I was in such a rush home to get ready after work, I completely forgot about my brows until I was in the taxi (and late, very late). Panic set in. I tried in vain to fill them in with a pencil in the back of the dimly lit car while the cabbie sniggered ("Girls and their eyebrows, eh?"). On arrival I spent the ENTIRE date paranoid I had wonky misshapen brows. I mean I was convinced that's all he could see when he looked at me; a meandering, overflowing river of brow. The first chance I got, I made a sneaky run for the loo to fix them but alas, there was no mirror and the paranoia continued long into the evening until I made it back home. I've told him this since. He thinks I'm mad.)

2. Kiss, Blooming Lashes, €9 (ish), Boots stores nationwide

I have a confession. I'm a false eyelash addict. It's ALL about them peepers. Always. Ahead of a trip to LA last summer I splashed some cash (£120!!!) on a set of semi-permanent mink eyelashes and let's just say it wasn't quite the success story I dreamed it would be. I took them off the very first evening I arrived in Tinseltown, unable to handle the constant eyeball itch and feeling of having something stuck in my eye. I'm glad I tried them, I mean I really wanted to love them but it just wasn't meant to be. While eyelash styles are very much a personal choice, these Blooming Lashes from Kiss have the ultimate flutter power. Wispy and light yet voluminous, the WOW factor here is the makeup of the strip itself. We're talking multi-layered lashes instead of the traditional one-angle strip that accentuates your natural eye shape, making your sparklers pop! I sound like a PR machine but hand on heart, they're THAT good. There are a number of different styles to choose from but my loyalty lays with Daisy for instant glamour. Day-to-day I tend to get by with a slick of eyeliner and mascara but when I want to look my best, Blooming Lashes are my go to's (sadly, I'm that concerned Boots will stop stocking them, I buy in bulk). Although slightly pricey for a strip of falsies, they're worth it. I get four or five wears out of each set and they look just as good each time! Oh. And the included glue is surprisingly FAB too #WINNING

3. Alice Through the Looking Glass Pallette, Urban Decay, €43.60

Don't you just really love thoughtful gifts? Especially when they're as breathtaking as this one?! I've always been a fan of Urban Decay Palette's (I don't know a girl who doesn't own at least one of the three Naked's) - their staying power, the pigmentation, the presentation, everything- so when this little beauty came into my life unexpectedly, I was overwhelmed. For a girl who plays it pretty safe when it comes to eye shadows, the kaleidoscope of colours blew me away! What a beautiful playground to let my brushes loose in. Granted I'm still intimidated by some of these stunning shades, I've certainly found a whole new bunch I can't do without. Lily, Duchess, Reflection, Paradox, Salazen Grum, Dormouse and Chessboard are my personal faves- delicious orangey, browny, caramley, rustic hues. And then there's that electric blue Metamosphosis. Ugh. In the words of Kylie Jenner this palette is #EVERYTHING

p.s Invest in a good eye shadow primer for long wear and colour pay-off.

4. Max Factor Lip Elixir Lip Liner, €6.49, drugstores nationwide

Excuse me while I have a Mauve Moment. These lip pencils are IT. Super smooth application, velvety matte finish, long wear and beautiful neutral colours... need I go on? I found these by chance in a Superdrug store on a mad dash to a meeting in London sometime last year and I haven't looked back since. I like to wear mine as a lippy, using Mauve Moment as the liner and Pink Petal to fill in the lip to create a subtle ombre effect. Pop some gloss on top (or not) and you're good to go! I find these especially good if you're a fan of some discreet over-lining too but #SSHHHH

5. Candlelight Glow Highlighting Powder, Too Faced, €30, Debehams nationwide

Pretty. This is just so pretty. The beauty world has gone a little highlighter mad in recent times and I've jumped right on that bandwagon along with the rest of them. A little goes a long way with this pearlescent shimmer that leaves a healthy sun kissed glow and brings brightness and light to your visage. Like all products it's build-able but I like a more natural effect and I adore how lightweight this one is. I've tried liquid formulas before and really, I'm not fussy as long as it looks beautiful on the skin and the shimmery flakes aren't full of glitterballs! Oh. And it lasts aaages. #GETIN

p.s Try Too Faced Milk Chocolate Soleil bronzer for a sun kissed look. It doesn't only smell like chocolate, it tastes like it too!!

And there you have it! My top 5 current loves. What beauty products can you not live without? Comment below and let me know! And if you'd like to see a Youtube video version of this post let me know too and I'll see what I can do :)

Diana xox

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