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Netflix n Chill

Ah Netflix, forever more causing me to ask the eternal question -

"What'll we watch? A comedy? Or a horror?"

IF ONLY it was that simple.

I blame the endless list of options, heck sometimes I even miss the pre-Netflix days where you were forced to choose something from the TV listing and just roll with it. Sure it was hit or miss, but at least you saved yourself the endless hours of aimlessly scrolling/deliberating what movie/doc/series should win the viewing party vote.

A full week of sickness behind me, I've been battling through my snotty fluey disease with a healthy dose of Lemsip and generous overdose of Netflix and Chill. Amidst the drivel I've managed to find some gems so here, my friends, are some recommendations for those moments when indecisiveness sets in!

(I've tried to include the less obvious choices)

1. Love Rosie -

"Rosie and Alex have been best friends since they were 5, so they couldn't possibly be right for one another...or could they? When it comes to love, life and making the right choices, these two are their own worst enemies."

Another Cecelia Ahern book gets the Hollywood makeover, this one even more successful than P.S I Love You. Based on the 2004 novel, Where Rainbows End; Love Rosie is a charming chick flick with a lot heart. Likeable characters, a sprinkle of humour, plenty of romance and endless dramas, there's enough there to keep you entertained on a cosy night in. Keep a box of tissues handy- if you're a softie like me, tears WILL flow! Oh. And it was shot in beautiful Ireland.

2. Last Vegas -

"Three friends take a break from their day-to-day lives to throw a bachelor party in Las Vegas for their last remaining single pal."

Three words. Robert De Niro. Two more words. Morgan Freeman. Need any more convinving? Admitedly slightly doped up on meds when making the choice to watch this movie, it's a decision I stand by proudly for it made me giggle and cry and reflect and reminisce. Plus, for an hour and a half it felt like I had been transported to Vegas with three pretty cool old fogies... and what's not to love about that? Yes, there are plenty of girls in barely there bikinis, but there's a lot more heart to this Vegas movie than expected. Perfect for sitting back and shutting off your mind, whether with your other half or on your tod.

3. Iris -

"A documentary about fashion icon Iris Apfel

from legendary documentary filmmaker Albert Maysles."

I love Iris. I wish she were my friend. This is an utterly delightful documentary about an utterly delightful being. A tiny bit kooky but definitely 100% cool, Iris' passion for fashion, life and fun is what makes this is a refreshing, visually delightful, slightly psychadelic watch. At 93 years old, there's more life in her bones than most teenagers I know and her eye for pattern, colour, texture is impeccable! Go watch and adore.

4. Snervous -

"After eight years of sharing snippets of his life online, see the intimate truth of Tyler Oakley's relationship with family, followers and fame on his sold out international tour."

YouTube fascinates me, in particular YouTube royaly like Tyler Oakley. I quite enjoyed this feature which invites the viewer on a VIP trip around the world with Tyler as he tours his slumber party themed show. Dublin, London, LA - learn about Tyler's rise from college dorm dork to international celebrity! Not exactly ground breaking TV (it does test your patience at times if you're not mad about the subject matter) but definitely worth a watch on a rainy afternoon for any YouTube obsessive. Oh, and Tyler's Mam is just gas!

5. Maidentrip -

"14-year-old Laura Dekker sets out on a two-year voyage in pursuit of her dream to become the youngest person ever to sail around the world alone."

Wanderlusters, look away now! This documentary about a young girls' sailing trip around the world is sure to make you want to quit your job and set for the high seas! I loved the personal journey Laura goes on in this travelogue, from an innocent young girl to a heady, opinionated strong young woman. It's not all just ocean swirls and currents though, Laura stops off for adventures along the way, bringing you to magestic exotic lands like French Polynesia from the comfort of your couch! What's cool is this whole sailing-the-world-solo thing even stirred some controversy resulting in a court case... intrigued? You should be! Oh. There are some subtitles. Be prepared.

6. The Short Game -

"The best 7 year old golfers from around the world descend on the world famous Pinehurst Golf course in North Carolina to determine the next world champion and who might become golf's next phenomenon."

Follow 9 super dotey precocious young golfing protigees as they attempt to conquer the junior world of golf. The tears, the tantrums, the OTT celebrations... and that's just the parents - there's so much in this sporty feature to keep you glued. Trust me, it's a must see!

7. Bill Cunningham New York -

"Bill Cunningham, one of the mainstays of the New York Times, has been a contributor to the renowned newspaper for many decades. He's also an incurable and eccentric chronicler of fashion, tirelessly snapping photos of and writing about interestingly attired celebrities and ordinary New Yorkers he spots on the street. This exhaustive profile of Cunningham and his work includes interviews with friends -- and often subjects -- Tom Wolfe, David Rockefeller and Vogue magazine's Anna Wintour."

Well that blurb from IMDB doen't sell this wonderful documentary enough! NY Times street photographer Bill Cunningham is such a legend... be prepared to fall in love with him, regardless of fashion being your thing or not. Charming, humble and without any airs or graces; there's a lot to learn from wise ole Bill. You'll want to adopt him and keep him in your pocket for instant pick-me-up.

8. Still Alice -

"A linguistics professor and her family find their bonds tested when she is diagnosed with Alzheimer's Disease"

By no means easy viewing, this movie will have you gripped nonetheless. Brilliant script, exceptional acting and a very touching, human story - I loved every heavy second that made me weep. Not one to watch over and over but definitely a must see for all.

9. Insidious -

"Parents (Patrick Wilson, Rose Byrne) take drastic measures when it seems their new home is haunted and their comatose son (Ty Simpkins) is possessed by a malevolent entity."

Far from a lover of horror films, I'm suprising myself by adding this to my list of recommendations mostly because I very nearly did suffer a heart attack watching this tense offering from the creators of Saw. Bullied by my boyfriend (yes, Steve, bullied) into watching this movie while on holiday in Lapland, I'm going to blame our spooky (as opposed to my general wimpy-ness) surroundings on the embarassing numbers of jumps and screams coming from me throughtout the entire feature. Whether in a dark log cabin in the middle of a Finnish forest or your cosy living room, pop this on for a bedtime scare sure to send a chill down your spine! Warning: not for solo viewing.

10. The Good Wife -

"When a very public sex and political-corruption scandal lands her husband, Peter, in prison, Alicia Florrick (Emmy-winner Julianna Margulies ) must get past the humiliation and betrayal and assume responsibility for her family. She resumes her career as a defense attorney, shedding her persona as the embarrassed wife of a politician, and takes charge of her destiny. Years later, after Peter wins the gubernatorial election, Alicia must balance her evolving career and family responsibilities with her new position as first lady of Illinois."

Good Wife/Bad Hubby. I LOVE this series although truthfully, I'm only a few episodes in so there is room for a sudden distaste along the way. I'm not usually one for watching series'... the last I was glued to was Girls and the one prior to that, the OC but I like knowing I've found something that's caught my attention for go-to company on nights in. From the days of Ally McBeal to Jodi Picoult's courtroom novels, I've always been a fan of legal dramas and this one gets the thumbs up for it's sharp writing, brilliant characters and high production levels. With 9 seasons to catch up on, you're in for a fun ride!

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